When Gods Walk – Using Imaginary Time as a Tool to Traverse a Scientfully Created Universe: Astrophysicist and Robotics Expert, Rodney Bartlett, Publishes Academic Collection Exploring Science of the Far Future

STANTHORPE, Australia, April 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Rodney Bartlett has officially announced the publication of his book “Out of Time,” a thematically linked collection of essays offering a nuanced exploration of the science used by humans in the future. A deep dive into numerous broad topics including imaginary time, Möbius strips, figure-eight Klein bottles, Pi, Wick rotation, black holes and the cosmic vast power of technology, “Out of Time” is a considered research by a self-styled “citizen scientist” , ”who frequently contributes at ResearchGate. Bartlett performs both astrophysics and robotics training as he examines the future of the human species, which is only now beginning to understand the full consequences of electronics or the vast goals to which it will lead them. “Out of Time” can be purchased through MoreBooks and Amazon.

Synopsis “Out of Time”

The universe is infinite and eternal – but scientifically created. What seems like a paradox is actually the will of those beings our ancestors often called “gods” – El or Elohim – and other names used throughout history to describe “magical” beings mysteriously present and involved in the history of the world. Recorded as “divine beings,” these individuals have a truly much more earthly origin. How this is reasonably possible is the general theme of Bartlett’s book.

Describing an advanced, time-traveling species of great thinkers and scientific innovators who understand the plasticity of space and clock-time, “Out of Time” explores a concept that Arthur C. Clarke famously created in his third law: “Every fairly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Creating eternity depends on the advanced electronics that our future selves will develop, and this includes the evasive concept of time travel by the understanding that the Universe is a wonderful computer program – a creative enchantment consisting of pure mathematics and logic. All objects and events on Earth are just strings of electronic binary digits: 1 and 0.

Using mind-bending programs about “imaginary” time and mysterious infinite numbers like Pi, Bartlett illustrates some of the sublime concepts used by tomorrow’s scientists to bring about the inevitability of world peace and human immortality.

Featured Review of “El Tempo”

“There were two aspects of this book that fascinated me the most. The first is the dialogue between the physicist and the philosopher about the value of zero. Growing up as a math student, I was taught that zero meant nothing. However, it seemed like philosophers had a different point of view “…” It is well written and exceptionally edited. I gladly rate it four out of four stars. Anyone interested in knowledge of how science will shape the future of man and society is welcome to read this book. ” –In an Internet Book Club review by Sam Ibeh.

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