The Planetary Personalities of Astrology and How to Find Yours

AWe all belong to different planets. There are Venusians, Plutonians, and even Martians among us. And I’m not saying that because I have an extraordinary belief in extraterrestrial life. According to Alexandria Lettman, a resident astrologer of The SoulUnity, each of us embodies different planetary energies in different sizes based on places and expression in our birth charts. The 10 planetary personalities offer a greater understanding of themselves.

The main determinant of the planetary energy is your diagram or ruling planet, the light that rules over your rising sign. If you are a Taurus or Libra rising, you are a Venusian, ruled by Venus. If you are a Sagittarius growing up, you are a Jupiterian, ruled by Jupiter. That’s one easy way to look at it. However, sometimes there is more than one planetary energy in a diagram. This usually happens in the case when you have a star in your birth chart.

“A star can occur when three or more personal planets or angles such as ascending, descending, middle sky, or imum coeli, reside under one zodiac,” Lettman says. “Or it could be when more than three planets live in one house. This does not include the outer planets, as these are generational planets that do not have a profound effect on our personality. The planetary ruler of the zodiac sign under which the star is located is the planetary energy they carry. For example, Scorpio Stelio has Martian / plutonic energy, as these are the planetary rulers of this archetype. “

Humans with a strong star could be a cosmic mix, belonging to two different planets. “Even if their rising sign is completely different, people with stars will radiate the energy of the ruling planet from their Stellium sign next to their diagram-ruling planet,” Lettman says. “A person with an Aries rise is a Martian. If they have three personal planets in Gemini, however, they are also Mercury. “

To find out where your planetary energy lies, be sure to check out a generator of birth charts like this. Once you have it, scroll down below to find out your intergalactic personality type.

The 10 planetary personalities, according to an astrologer

1. Solariums: Leo rises, Leo stars and 5th house stars

Like the fiery eye socket in the sign, solar energy emits and radiates light. This makes Solarians warm, superb and natural leaders.

“They tend to do things too much, but they have an effortless ability to enlighten the people around them,” Lettman says. “The life experiences of Solarians are closely linked to the nourishment or rupture of the self, the positive or negative consequences of being recognized and created.”

2. Lunarians: Cancer rises and stars and 4-house stars

On the side, lunar energy receives light. The mirror of Solarians, they don’t shine on the outside, they care about getting inside. They have an emotional depth and connection to their inner world that not many can understand.

“They are very protective of themselves and others because they work through the tenderness of their inner child,” Lettman says. “Life for them is about their changing accomplishments around satisfying their emotions and inner selves, and allowing others to see their inner world.”

3. Mercury: Gemini rises, Virgo rises, 3rd house stars and 6th house stars

Mercury carries expressive energy. This means that they are sharp communicators who have their agile mind for their advantage when dealing with others.

“They’re incredibly versatile, intelligent and have a natural charm about them. They give that power to either connect with others or deceive others,” Lettman says. “Mercurials’ lives largely focus on the responsibility of authenticity, truthful communication and finding logical ways to deal with challenges.”

4. Venusians: Taurus and Libra rises and stars, second house and 7th house stars)

With the pleasure and beauty-oriented planet as their guide, Venusian energy is alloga and unifying. They have absolutely magnetic energy that can turn heads and pull others towards them. They’re also, uh, not good with conflicts.

“They tend to disguise reality and everything ugly or unpleasant as a way to maintain beauty and harmony in their lives,” says Lettman. “For example, not to break old ties even though they have broken the bond because they don’t want to have difficult conversations. They have a unique ability to unite polarizing worlds, people, and ideas. “

5. Martians: Aries rising and stars 1st house stars

March energy separates, and this makes Martians not afraid to go to things alone, or leave people behind if they feel they are being held back. For better or for worse, they are true independents.

“They are born leaders and promoters with a competitive spirit,” Lettman said. “However, Martians can often be self-centered or too strong. They are a passionate and dominant force that can be manipulated too much by some; yet they are as inspiring as they are frightening.

6. Jupiterans: Sagittarius growing or stars 9th house stars

Magnanimous Jupiter energy asserts and expands. You will notice that Jupiterans have a greater than living attraction, they are free spirits and very often spiritual.

“They are generous, idealistic, inspired and perhaps not the best at setting personal boundaries or respecting others,” Lettman says. “They’re great motivators because their vast and upbeat energy illuminates every room they’re in.”

7. Saturnians: Capricorn rises and stars or 10th house stars

Saturn’s harsh energy in fact rejects. It doesn’t mean Saturnians are unpleasant, they just have a hardened exterior.

“They carry authoritative, mature, and wise energy, even though their wisdom is generated by the opposition, pain, and challenges they face throughout life,” Lettman says. “They are maturing for their age, which often shows a manifestation that they need to grow fast. They are excellent limits, very ambitious and attracted by structure.”

8. Neptunians: Fish rises and stars or 12-house stars

Neptune energy increases (like Jupiter) as it collects. This makes Neptunians contemplative, very separated from the physical realm, and intuitive.

“Neptunians are excited by the unknown and can’t live life on a surface level,” Lettman says. “They understand the world through their hyper-perceptuality, dreams and abstract thinking. They live between the lines between reality and illusion, which makes them illusory or idealistic.

9. Urans: Water rises and stars or 11th house stars

The energy of Uranus is the energy of an innovator. Urans are known to inspire and include, leaving no one out of progress. Urans are also looking for alternative ways to be and do things.

“They appreciate the beauty in difference and individuality,” Lettman says. “They are very attached to their humanity and to the network of people around them. Yet they still instinctively feel the need to change, separate, detach and deviate from all that is foreseeable in order to restore themselves elsewhere.”

10. Plutonians: Scorpio rises and stars or 12th house or 8th house Stars

Dark and powerful, plutonic energy has the power to dissipate. It is an energy that works at a deep level, giving plutonians a natural intensity to their person that gets strong reactions from people.

“They’re determined and resilient with an incisive mind,” Lettman says. “Yet their psychological awareness of the depth and darkness of the human experience can generate fears, paranoia, and obsessions that intensify their problems.”

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