Texas natural ranch lost more than 2,000 Axis deer in frost

The blizzard greatly affected wildlife at a Texas ranch in Sonora, about 170 miles northwest of San Antonio.

The Texas Canyon Ranch lost more than 2,000 of its 4,000 ax deer and about 60 percent of its Black Buck antelope population, according to the ranch’s release.

The ranch said it had experienced animal losses and infrastructure damage so severe that it was forced to cancel most planned hunting for the rest of the year. Only “premier” hunts will be offered, allowing one or two hunters at a time with a private guide and a limited harvest.

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When the Arctic freeze hit, temperatures on the hunting recreation ranch plunged into the low single digits and remained there for days, the edition noted. Despite having no electricity, the staff worked tirelessly to keep water pipes free of frost and feed the cattle and animals on the more than 20,000-acre estate.

However, the loss of the animals was beyond the control of the staff. The animal will need years for the fauna to return to pre-2021 levels, the ranch said.

“We’re heartbroken by the toll the storm has taken on our animals,” said Bill Hall, Canyon Ranch’s business manager. “Fortunately, few of our Origins are lost. However, we can say that they are effective because of how slowly they move away when they approach. They just don’t have the energy to run. No Red Deer are lost, and, say, as always, the savages pigs are fine. “

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Hall hopes the February freeze will not have a lasting impact on the ecological ranch. According to the release, some trees have been lost, but the meadows and most of their plant life are expected to recover well.

Canyon Ranch is under a program of Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Land Deer Permits and performs continuous management of rural areas and wildlife habitats to continuously improve the conditions for wildlife.

The ranch is also a member of the Exotic Wildlife Association.

Priscilla Aguirre is a general reporter for MySA.com [email protected] | @CillaAguirre