London news: Wandsworth Council hires contractors to spy on rubbish to pay fines | UK | The news

LBC’s Nick Ferrari spoke to angry caller Neil Allison about the move, which has been compared to actions by locals ’“ Stasi ”. Mr. Allison received the fine in the mail when a single recycler was found “slightly” over his belongings and after contractors searched his trash to identify him. The Wandsworth homeowner could appeal the fine, but if he failed, he would receive a criminal record and a fine of up to £ 2500.

Mr Ferrari spoke to Mr Allison and asked him what his “crime” was.

He replied: “Crime is an interesting way of saying it and that is the most terrible part of this.

“On Monday, a private contractor looked through a single recycle bin that was just over our property and hit us with a £ 150 fine.”

Nick asked if the recycling belonged to him, in which Neil said it was.

He added: “It was literally over the property line and into the sidewalk.”

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The radio host then asked, “And to find out you had to open it, photograph it and photograph your front door.

“As far as you know, that’s what happened, what did you get in the Wandsworth Council post?”

Mr Allison responded: “We were given notice that they had looked through the bag themselves, so they opened the bag and photographed to find material that would indicate it was ours.

“Which may have included private material that is really annoying and a private invasion.”

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“Except, and for me the worst part, is that you can go to Magistrates Court and if you are convicted you will get a criminal record and could pay up to £ 2500.”

Mr. Ferrari asked him if he was, “Are you happy with Wandsworth Council before this?”

Mr Allison said: “Absolutely, and that is the great shame that they have built a very good will with the residents here.”

Council Wandsworth said: “This was a significant pile of rubbish that was dumped on a busy public road the day before collections came on that street.

“We do not apologize for action against flycatchers that dump their rubbish on sidewalks and street corners by creating eyes, blocking sidewalks and encouraging pests and pests.”