“I got full body chills”

Credit: Madyson Peoples

Credit: Madyson Peoples

Madyson Peoples and her group of funeral friends gathered at Manhattan pier in March 2018 when they noticed something strange in the sky.

The teenagers – who mourned the tragic loss of 18-year-old Delaney Rosenberger and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Thompson Smith, who both died in a car accident – spotted a bright “star” shining over the horizon, which is rare, considering light pollution endemic in the New York metropolitan area.

Thinking the radio light might have been an airplane, Madyson, a 21-year-old Arizona native and former Pace University student, told The News that she had simply “burned” the incident. Later, however, one of her friends did some research and found out that the star appeared to be Jupiter, one of the five planets sometimes visible from Earth to the naked eye.

Credit: Madyson Peoples

Credit: Madyson Peoples

The friends were moved by the sight and took it as a symbol that their friend was guarding them, Madyson explained, noting, “we’re all really into Astrology.” But the next day, Madyson said the presence of her late friend became even more palpable.

In a now-viral TikTok shared in response to a request from user @danielramsburg – in which he asked “what’s the craziest or most apparent sign the universe has ever sent you?” – Madyson explained that on the way to Delaney’s funeral, she and her friends believe they received a clear message from their deceased friend.

“We all took a bus to Virginia so we could go to her funeral,” Madyson recounted in her TikTok. “Her brother is picking us up [from the bus stop] and he’s like, ‘What do you guys want to hear while driving?’ We say, ‘We don’t know, just mix your music.’ ”

“The first song to appear was Train’s ‘Drops of Jupiter,'” Madyson continued. “Immediately after that song, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘B ****, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ appeared and we all just shook our heads listening. You know the line, which is like ‘I can feel your energy from two planets away’? At that moment we were exploring it … two planets away from us are Jupiter. “

“Now we all have Jupiter tattooed on us,” Madyson added, revealing a tattoo of Jupiter on her forearm.

TikTokers was shaken by the trilogy of Jupiter-related signs, with many commenting that it was an obvious sign sent by Delaney from the great beyond.

“This is the BEST STORY EVERYONE your friend has gone to Jupiter,” one user wrote.

“I got full-body chills,” said another.

“The song‘ Drops of Jupiter ’was written for the singer’s late mom and is about their soul literally traveling through the universe,” wrote a third commentator.

Credit: Madyson Peoples

On the photo: Two of Jupiter’s tattoos reminded Delaney
Credit: Madyson Peoples

Indeed, in an interview with VH1 in 2008, Pat Monahan, Train’s lead singer, explained that he wrote “Drops of Jupiter” after his mother’s death, stating, “that the loss of the most important person in my life was significant for my mind and the thoughts of, ‘What if no one really really leaves? What if she’s here but another?’ The idea was that she was back here, in the atmosphere. “

The song now has a similar meaning to Madyson, who says she and her friends were “destroyed beyond words” because of the loss of Delaney, whom she described as “the smartest person I’ve ever met.”

“She studied pre-law and had dreams of becoming a criminal defense attorney,” Madyson told In The Know. “She literally lit up every room she entered.”

Credit: Madyson Peoples

On the photo: Delaney Rosenberger (far left) and Madyson Peoples (second left) posing with two friends.
Credit: Madyson Peoples

After Delaney’s death, Madyson said she and her friends had to become “support beams so that one of the other could stand.”

“We were just trying to keep everything together,” she said. “I think I can speak for all of us that our mental health has been hugely affected, and it’s something we all still have to bring with us. All the little ‘coincidences’, like those of Jupiter, have given us a lot of hope when we struggled so that her spirit could and will live on. “

Madyson also noted that in astrology, Jupiter represents “a symbol of good luck, faith, and knowledge,” which were all things that “Delaney embodied and inspired us all to be.”

“Delaney was strong-minded, hilarious, beautiful and had so much love for every person in her life,” she added. “Everyone in our group of friends had so much love and respect for her. I think everyone can agree that we’ve all looked at Delaney more than one. “

Credit: Madyson Peoples

On the photo: Delaney Rosenberger and boyfriend Thompson Smith
Credit: Madyson Peoples

Sharing her story, Madyson hopes she can comfort those who have lost loved ones, with the idea that they will never truly have this world.

“I hope it can comfort grieving people knowing that their loved ones are probably also sending small signs that they are still around,” she said. “You just have to listen for them.”

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