Help save the planet, learn about climate change with dozens of free documentaries about Tubi

FILE – Satellite photo of the Earth on April 22, 1970, people around the world marked the first Earth Day.

This planet has hosted all sorts of species, from the simplest microscopic organisms to complicated and intelligent humans.

The Earth has given life and helped make it prosper, so it only makes sense that there is a dedicated day to celebrate it.

After a whirlwind, as a continuing pandemic halts daily life on Earth for almost all humans, the great blue marble continued to spin and give us sunlight and fresh air, reviving our love for nature and reminding us not to take this planet for granted.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and educate yourself about the effects of humans on climate change and revitalize your urgency to make changes – big or small – to keep the Earth healthy and clean for the enjoyment of future generations.

Tubi has dozens of documentaries and shows that highlight the beauty and looting of the land, for free.

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Earth Day (2015): Starring Bill Oberst Jr., William McNamara, KJ Schrock and Danni Dandan Gadigan.

“This Earth Day – take a tour of our planet, as this comprehensive documentary explores the impact of human existence on Earth and what can be done to prevent an ecological disaster. Through films filmed around the world, Earth Day entertains and educates. the viewer of the latest efforts on global warming and climate change to restore our Earth. “

Carbon Nation (2010): Starring Richard Branson.

“Going beyond politics and fingerprinting, this thought-provoking documentary approaches entrepreneurial individuals – from a wind farmer to a solar panel renovator – who plan business ways to avoid the looming climate crisis. The cross-country expedition meets with Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson Day, Denis Hayes, and former director of the CIA, James Woolsey, along with daily pioneers in low-carbon living. “

One Day on Earth (2011): Starring a Dalai Lama.

“One Day on Earth is the first film made in every country in the world on the same day. We see both the challenges and hopes of humanity from a diverse group of volunteer filmmakers brought together through a participatory media experiment. The world is very interconnected, huge, dangerous and wonderful. “

Xploration Nature Knows Best (2015): Starring Danni Washington.

“A fun marine biologist presents the fun, clever ways in which scientists, engineers and pioneers imitate nature to create amazing advances.”

Vanishing of the Bees (2009): Starring Elliot Page.

“Earth and climate change are examined in this documentary about the declining bee population, and what that means for humans.”

Earth’s Survival: Decoding the Science (2014): Starring Liz Courtney and Joerg Alterkruse.

“This documentary breaks down scientific data on climate change into a digestible, easily understandable science and shows the decisive moment in which the planet is.”

Planet E: Repairing Earth From Your Backyard (2018): Starring Oliver Preusche and Goetz Bielefeldt.

“A look at the most pressing climate crises facing the planet and the work done by scientists and activists around the world to save it.”

The Human Element (2019): Starring James Balog.

“Through the lens of a photographer and researcher, see how climate change has a direct impact on the health and livelihoods of people across the country.”

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