Flowering # 1 Sets a Cosmic Baseline for a Total Hero Tomorrow Universe

The universe of Hero Tomorrow comics is small but very cohesive, strictly knitted. The hero – Apama – is all filled with the animal powers of a creature from myth, and since his appearance the supervillains have arisen to oppose him – some strange, all bizarre.

But there is someone who is deeply connected to the origins of Apama, yet predates his arrival by almost forty years. Regina, who first appeared in Apama, The Undiscovered Beast # 5, gets her original story Florado # 1, coming soon in comic book stores and currently funding via Kickstarter.

Set in 1969, Bloom begins with Ramsey, an auto mechanic and estimable comic book obsessed with the idea of ​​his comic book villain and the arcane ideograms that came to him in a dream state, stumbling into the woods – at a place that will be familiar enough to fans who already follows the comic Apama.

Eager to get the right view of the ideograms as body tattoos on his villain, Ramsey buys a mannequin and paints it. But it is still not right, lacking certainty anima evoke the character. But when he joins his boyfriend and friends for a street festival, Ramsey discovers Queen, a belly dancer with a wild spirit to her, a wild freedom that speaks to him. He contacts her to model a photo studio for his character, to include the body painting, and she agrees.

A walk in the woods follows like no other, as we learn the origin of the ideograms, get an alternate view of the battle that started the world, and Queen’s subtle transformation from a woman to something more than a human. It’s a sexy, groovy story, full of a strain of slowly burning terror that completely draws the reader into their world so that nothing will pull them to the last page. Written by Ted Sikora and designed by Butch Mapa, Florado is the kind of Bronze Age comic that will appeal to fans of Bernie Wrightson and Frank Frazetta. The Kickstarter campaign also includes cover variants of Bong Dazo, Benito Gallego and Donny Hadiwidjaja, as well as a photo cover with space model and heroine actress Alicia Lynn.

Highly recommended.