Director of ‘Tom & Jerry The Movie’ about a common universe

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Tim Story tells the cameo appearance of another iconic comic book creation in Tom & Jerry The Movie leaves the door open for a Marvel-style shared universe with these characters.

The new film is a hybrid of real-life fighting and animation, with the pair of cats and mice fighting in the corridors of a bright hotel before a famous wedding.

During one scene, the characters meet face to face with another famous cartoon in a scene that pays homage to a classic horror film.

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“It would be really fun if that happened,” Story tells Yahoo Entertainment UK when asked if the cameo could lead to anything more.

“Tom and Jerry”. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

He adds: “The character you’re talking about is in the same universe, so it could actually happen.

“For those who haven’t seen the film, please check it out, because there are a lot of little surprises in it.”

Warner Bros. has shown a willingness to explore a common world of cartoon characters before, featuring Captain Cavern and Crazy Races villain Dick Dastardly into a new one Scooby-Doo exit Scoob pasintjare.

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The film was described by Warner Bros. as “our first shot at unlocking the entire Hanna-Barbera Universe,” suggesting plans to delve deeper into the wider world of the animation house’s characters.

With the pleasant cameo Tom & Jerry The Movie, the studio seems keen to at least incite the same idea for the comic book studio MGM.

Tim Story attends the premiere of Shaft during the 23rd Annual American Black Film Festival on June 12, 2019. (Photo by J. Countess / Getty Images)

Tim Story attends the premiere of Shaft during the 23rd Annual American Black Film Festival on June 12, 2019. (Photo by J. Countess / Getty Images)

A story says that the Tom & Jerry world was part of his living childhood, but, despite that, he wasn’t too afraid of the possibility of leading it into the world of the 21st century.

“I won’t say I wasn’t nervous about bringing it to the screen, but my confidence has always been high enough up there,” he says.

“I say that because I’ve grown up with the comics and when something like that is so much in your DNA, you know where you can and can’t go and what characters you want to use.

“I felt so comfortable with this property. I just really love these characters and always felt like I could bring something to it.”

Tim Story says that the persecution of New York in

Tim Story says New York’s pursuit in “Tom & Jerry” was only limited by his team’s creativity. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Chloë Grace Moretz plays the film’s human lead, as hotel employee Kayla. She hires Tom to help free the hotel from its mouse problem ahead of the upcoming, chic wedding.

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The human cast also includes Michael Peña, Colin Jost and Rob Delaney, with the title characters voiced by archival recordings of William Hanna, Mel Blanc and June Foray – as well as new material from voice acting veteran Frank Welker.

Tom & Jerry The Movie will be rented at home in the UK via digital platforms from 25 March.

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