Cumbria Police: Beware of natural crimes

OFFICIALS in Cumbria are aware of savage crime, especially bad lure.

Cumbria Police PCSOs hold educational talks in schools to teach youth about animal cruelty and natural crimes.

Work to raise awareness of the crimes includes a documentary created by Naturewatch that worked with environmentalist and filmmaker Alex Collins to create a film about badgers and the threats they face.

Alex presents the educational film, leading an audience into the woods to the spot of a badger.

Alex explains the life and behavior of badgers, researching their ecology and revealing how essential they are to their ecosystems.

Another key issue is the persecution they face at the hands of apple lure and other natural crimes committed by humans.

The film teaches young people how to recognize signs of the savage crime and asks them to think of safe ways how they can help protect badgers if they suspect cruelty is happening.