Chris Packham: “Empowerment” corridor animal project | Meridian

A project to reintroduce bees, butterflies and other insects to parts of Brighton has been praised by Chris Packham of television.

Nearly 20 small tracts of land were used to create a natural corridor in the city.

Wildlife corridor in Brighton

Chris Packham, a television presenter, says such plans are essential to help the environment.

He says: “That patch is now worth so much to those people. They go there, they see it thrive and they are part of its success. It all comes back to that key word, ’empowerment.’

It comes as the National Lottery, which funded the project, has announced that a total of £ 2.2 billion has gone to environmental causes over the past 10 years.

  • Chris Packham, TV presenter:

Chris Packham says the wild corridor will encourage people to get more involved with their local environment.

He says: “They will spread the word and people will look into that piece and realize that it’s not a messy involvement, it’s actually incredibly productive and rewarding.”